General information

All LetsGo members have the following advantages:


Book and drive, when you need a car.


The car keys are in the car.


New and secure cars.


Access to reserved parking spots


Use LetsGo’s savings option to plan your car expenses and receive a bonus.


If you are going on a longer holiday trip, you can rent a car at Europcar through LetsGo.


All inclusive

The price of the cars includes fuel, parking, car maintenance and a 24-hour emergency phone service.



The insurance cover all expenses, and there are no extra expenses, such as excess, if an accident should occur*.

*A few of our car types, such as the Tesla, is without an excess insurance and self-inflicted accidents, like filling the tank with the wrong fuel etc., is not covered by the insurance.

Price calculator

Try out our price calculator, where you can calculate how much a specific trip will cost. You choose the type of membership to see what the cost of the trip would be.

Additional members

It is possible to add additional members to your membership account, if you live in the same household. Then you can use each other’s bookings.

Prices to add an additional member varies depending on your membership type.

Guarantee for a car

LetsGo can guarantee you a car, if you book it three weekdays in advance. If there are no available cars, then we can obtain a car for you from a car rental. We will of course handle the paperwork.
The guarantee scheme applies to all LetsGo members in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

Rental car for 1 to 4 weeks

Do you need a car for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks? As a LetsGo member you can rent a car through Europcar.
The price depends of the type of car, and is 5-30% cheaper than most car rental prices. Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent electric cars.
Your LetsGo insurance also covers this type of car rentals.

Conditions and exact prices are only available to LetsGo members.

Do you want to change membership?

It is possible to change between LetsGo’s three different types of memberships. You change your membership by sending us an e-mail at The change will take effect by the end of the current month plus another month.

It is only possible to change membership once every six months without an administration fee. Additional changes have an administration fee of 400 kr.

You can read all of LetsGo’s membership terms and conditions here.