Cancellation fees

Bookings can be cancelled for free until an hour after they are made. If a booking is cancelled three days or less before the booking starts, 30% of the hourly price for the booked period will be paid as a fee.

Other fees and charges

Loss of or damage to a car key 400 kr. plus any associated expenses
Replacement of lost fuel card 200 kr.
Returning a car too late 200 kr. plus any associated expenses

Returning a car in poor condition
- Examples: A dirty car, too little fuel, an open window, unlocked.

200 kr. plus any associated expenses
Fee for opening a car if the key tag is lost or misplaced. 100 kr.
Administration fees for traffic violation or fines 200 kr.
Damage report not sent in at least 3 days after the accident 200 kr.*
Unnecessary call to the emergency phone 100 kr.
Payment via bank transfers 25 kr. pr. invoice
Payment with a Mastercard or Visa card The card issuers transaction fee
Notice for missing or late payment 100 kr.
Sign up fee main member 950 kr.
Sign up fee additional member 300 kr.

*plus any additional charges that is not covered by the insurance.