15% of LetsGo’s cars are electric cars. Electric cars have the advantage of being cheaper to drive – and they are good for the environment. The only disadvantage is that their reach is limited to about 150 kilometres for the average and fully charged cars. We have produced special LetsGo user guides for every electric car, so you can get familiar with the use of one, before the first journey. The guide can also be downloaded on the info sites. You have access to the info sites as a member. We recommend planning your journey, so you know where you can charge on the way.

The electric cars have regular parking spots by LetsGo’s reserved charging cradles. When you are out driving, you can charge your battery at Clever and E.On’s charging cradles. You can find the charging card in your car. You can also charge your car from your own electrical source, but you will have to pay for the power yourself.