Financial benefits

It is financially beneficial to have flexible access to a car instead of owning a car.

If you drive less than 12.000 kilometres per year, then it is, according to FDM and the Danish Consumer Council TÆNK, financially beneficial to be a part of a car sharing service rather than owning a car. They ran the numbers and found out that three out of five times it is more beneficial to use a shared car rather than owning, renting or leasing a car. You can read more in their articles here (Danish payment articles).

If you own a car, you have monthly payments, like insurance, taxes, winter tyres, parking, roadside assistance and provisions for maintenance. Additionally, you also need to consider the loss in value a vehicle has regarding selling it. A rule of thumb is that a car on average loses 16-25% of its value every year, when using it regularly. A member tells the following:

“After being a member for a year, I compared it with the expenses I had when I used to own a car. I expected that we could save some money, but it was actually quite a lot that we saved by using a shared car. It was surprisingly expensive to own a car, when all expenses were put together, even though it was an older model. LetsGo’s cars are also new and safe, which is nice to know, when the whole family needs transportation.
Christian, member.

Savings and free parking

If you need to budget your expenses for a shared car over a certain period, you can use LetsGo’s savings option. You choose the amount that goes on the savings account ever month. You can always get your savings disbursed. LetsGo gives you 5% of the average amount (calculated by interest rate) – which you can use for additional driving.

You also have free parking in the parking zones of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Aarhus (this does not apply to red zone in Copenhagen’s town centre nor Aarhus town centre). When you are a part of the car sharing community, you don’t need to worry about the car, when you are not using it. LetsGo are responsible for MOT-tests and changing to winter tyres. If you experience problems on you journey, contact our 24/7 emergency phone, where we can help you.