The car of the future is just around the corner

LetsGo’s electric cars are not just an environmentally friendly but also a comfortable alternative to the conventional cars.

The electric cars provide an extraordinary driving experience. They are easy to use, provided with automatic gears and accelerate quickly and quietly like a top tuned sportscar.

We believe that the electric car is the car of the future – and it is therefore an important part of our fleet.

High in comfort and good charging possibilities

We are not in doubt at the office. The electric car is our favourite. The members, who have tried the electric cars, often book them again. We even dare to say that if you try an electric car, it will be difficult to switch back to the regular car again.

On a full battery our electric cars, which are of the model Renault Zoe, have a range of 230-260 kilometres. We also have a Tesla S with a range of up to 430 kilometres. The reach depends on how you drive. For longer journeys it is possible to charge the car at more than 200 different charging stations in Denmark. It only takes around 30-60 minutes to fill up the battery.