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How it works

How it works

Get easy acces to a car as a LetsGo member


Use the app to find and reserve the car you want

Pick up

The car have its own reserved parking spot where it is ready for use


Unlock the car with your personal key tag and off you go


Here you can read some of the most asked questions we get.

LetsGo car sharing scheme give you access to 7 different car types. The cars are parked a reserved parking spots, where you pick up and return the car after use.

All you need to become a member is to have a valid driver’s license and be at least 23 years old. Once a member of LetsGo you get access to all cars we have around the country.

It is financially beneficial to have flexible access to a car instead of owning a car.


If you drive less than 12.000 kilometres per year, then it is, according to FDM and the Danish Consumer Council TÆNK, financially beneficial to be a part of a car sharing service rather than owning a car. They ran the numbers and found out that three out of five times it is more beneficial to use a shared car rather than owning, renting or leasing a car.


If you own a car, you have monthly payments, like insurance, taxes, winter tyres, parking, roadside assistance and provisions for maintenance. Additionally, you also need to consider the loss in value a vehicle has regarding selling it. A rule of thumb is that a car on average loses 16-25% of its value every year, when using it regularly. A member tells the following:



If you need to budget your expenses for a shared car over a certain period, you can use LetsGo’s savings option. You choose the amount that goes on the savings account ever month. You can always get your savings disbursed. LetsGo gives you 5% of the average amount (calculated by interest rate) – which you can use for additional driving.


You also have free parking in the parking zones of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Aarhus (this does not apply to red zone in Copenhagen’s town centre nor Aarhus town centre). When you are a part of the car sharing community, you don’t need to worry about the car, when you are not using it. LetsGo are responsible for MOT-tests and changing to winter tyres. If you experience problems on you journey, contact our 24/7 emergency phone, where we can help you.

Car prices include fuel, parking, car service and 24/7 emergency phone.

The LetsGo insurance covers you and there is no extra expense if you have an accident.

Use our price calculator [https://letsgo.dk/en/cars/] to see how your tip will cost

You book the cars online or via our app. You choose the date, type of car and the location you want to pick up the car at. If there are no available cars on the location you chose, the system will automatically find the nearest cars of the same type. You can book a car from when you need it, or up to a year in advance. The least amount of time you can book a car for, is an hour. 

Our cars in Copenhagen have a parking license. This means you can park for free on all public parking spaces in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipality. The only exception is Red Zone in the Copenhagen city centre, where you must pay the usual parking fee between 10 am and 05 pm on weekdays. Parking is free between 08 am and 10 am and after 05 pm on weekdays as well as in the weekends.

Aarhus and Odense
Our cars in Aarhus and Odense have a parking license, which is valid in the area the car is placed, but not in the city centre.

Private parking spaces

On the private parking spaces or in carparks, which are operated by private parking firms etc., rules must be followed. If there are parking fees, they need to be paid.

Parking tickets

If you get a parking ticket, you must pay it yourself. If LetsGo needs to pay the ticket there will be an additional fee on 200 kr.

You must remember to return the car before your booking expires. There could be someone else, who needs the car after you.

If you need more time, and there isn’t anyone waiting to use the car, then you can extend a booking in the reservation system.

If you do not return the car on time or extend your booking, a fee will be charged. We therefore advice you to book the car for more time than you need it. Then you make sure that you can return the car in time. If you shorten your booking, while you have the car, you will get 70% of your hourly price refunded.

Please leave the car, as you would like to receive it – that means tidy up and remove any garbage. That will make sure the next driver’s trip is more pleasant.

Fuel is included in the price, when you use a car. You fill the tank when it is almost empty. Please leave the car with an almost full tank for the next person, who needs to use the car. That spreads the good karma between members. In the car, you will find a fuel card, you can use for filling the tank. The card is from Circle K, and can be used for all gas stations from Circle K, Statoil, Ingo and 1-2-3 in Scandinavia. In the rest of Europe, the card can also be used by Agip, Eni, Aral, BP and OMV.

The fuel card code comes with the booking confirmation email.

The electric cars have fixed parking spots at reserved charging stations. On trips, the cars can be charged at charging stations from Clever and E.ON. The charge card is in the cars.

If you have smaller children, you need to provide the baby seat for them. Most of LetsGo’s cars have ISOFIX-mounts, which makes it easy to install the seat and take it out again.

Some of our cars have a towing hook, a bicycle rack and lightboard. Cars with this extra equipment is marked with an X (for example Combi-X). You can search for these x-cars, when you are booking. If you need a trailer, you have to borrow or rent it yourself. 

If you experience issues with the car, LetsGo is always ready to help. We have a 24/7 emergency phone in case of acute situations. If an accident does happen, vi are able to call the roadside assistance and if necessary offer a replacement car.

We mend minor defects regularly, and if you remember to tell us about the defects, it gets repaired a lot faster.

If you cause damage, the insurance covers (with a few exceptions and conditions). The excess is covered by the excess insurance that you pay every month.

You can use LetsGo’s cars in most of the European countries. Please notice that certain countries have special rules or limitations. Check the rules for the individual country in the table provided below. If you are in doubt or have any further questions, then send an e-mail to letsgo@letsgo.dk for more information.

Countries where you are allowed to drive:

Czech Republic *(Excess: 20.000 kr. in case of theft)
Croatia *(Excess: 20.000 kr. in case of theft )
Cyprus  *(Excess: 20.000 kr. in case of theft)
Estonia * (Excess: 40.000 kr. in case of theft)
Germany (Note: environmental tax when driving in certain cities)
Greece * (Excess: 40.000 kr. in case of theft)
Hungary * (Excess: 40.000 kr. in case of theft)
Ireland * (Excess: 10.000 kr. in case of theft. Note left hand drive)
Latvia * (Excess: 40.000 kr. in case of theft)
Lituania* (Excess: 40.000 kr. in case of theft)
Norway  (Note you have to pay road tax)
Poland * (Excess: 20.000 kr. in case of theft)
Slovakia * (Excess: 40.000 kr. in case of theft)
Slovenia * (Excess: 20.000 kr. in case of theft)
UK* (Excess: 10.000 kr. in case of theft. Note left hand drive)

Countries it is not allowed to drive in:
Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

You can rent a car at Europcar through LetsGo. The price is 5 to 30 % lower compared to other car rental prices but depends on the type of car you want to rent.
It is not possible to rent electric cars.
Your LetsGo insurance does also cover when renting these cars.

Here you can read the terms and conditions of having a membership at LetsGo.

https://letsgo.dk/en/about-letsgo/member-terms/  (tag herfra slet første linjer)

Slet medlemsindflydelse på engelsk. Men tekst skal indsættes på dansk version.

It is possible to switch between LetsGo’s different types of membership. To do this, send us an email at letsgo@letsgo.dk. The change will take effect with the expiry of the current month plus one month.

It is only possible to change once per half year with no administation fee. Further shifts will cost an  fee of DKK 400.

Cancellation fee

Bookings can be cancelled for free until an hour after they are made. If a booking is cancelled three days or less before the booking starts, 30% of the hourly price for the booked period will be paid as a fee.


Other fees and charges

  • Loss of or damage to a car key. DKK 400 plus any associated expenses
  • Replacement of lost fuel card . DKK 200.
  • Returning a car too late. DKK 200 plus any associated expenses
  • Returning a car in poor condition. Examples: A dirty car, too little fuel, an open window, unlocked.
  • DKK 200 plus any associated expenses
  • Fee for opening a car if the key tag is lost or misplaced. DKK 100.
  • Administration fees for traffic violation or fines. DKK 200.
  • Damage report not sent in at least 3 days after the accident 200 kr.*
  • Unnecessary call to the emergency phone 100 kr.
  • Payment via bank transfers. DKK 25 pr. invoice
  • Payment with a Mastercard or Visa card. The card issuers transaction fee
  • Notice for missing or late payment. DKK 100.
  • Sign up fee main member. DKK 950.
  • Sign up fee additional member. DKK 300.

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