How it works

Once you’ve become a member, it’s easy to get access to a car whenever you need it. We’ve created a short guide that shows how easy it is to use our carsharing. 

Quick guide - its this easy

To use LetsGo cars, you must be a member. When you register, you’ll get a user name, password and personal key tag. You’ll use the user name and password to reserve a car online, and you’ll use the key tag to open your car. You can only open a car once you’ve reserved it.

You can reserve a car right up until the time you need to use it, or reserve it up to a year in advance, so you’re sure to have a car when you need it. Normally, it’s easy to find a car available at short notice in Copenhagen and Aarhus, but on busy weekends it’s a good idea to book a few days in advance.

If you’ve reserved a car at least three days in advance, we guarantee you an available car. The only exception are the days before Christmas, where demand is particularly high.

When you use one of our cars, we take care of everything. Fuel is included in the price and you can fill up with a fuel card, which is placed in the car’s glove compartment. If you choose an electric car, we have a special recharge card that works on all public chargers. LetsGo also takes care of all the practical aspects of car maintenance.

All our cars are new and safe to drive. Should any problem arise during your trip, you can always contact our 24 hour emergency phone and we’ll be ready to assist you.

When you have finished using the car, just drop it off in the same place you picked it up. Make sure to drop it off on time, and clean up after yourself so it’s ready for the next member who wants to use it.

Should you have other questions, you’re welcome to contact us at +45 35 35 14 11 or email us at