With our FerrumBox installed in your cars, you know exactly who has access to the cars. You can perform accurate invoicing of your users and keep track of the distance driven by every car.

How it works:

  • The user has access to the cars with his/her personal key tag.
  • When a user has made a booking, he/she scans the key tag on the scanner in the front window and the car is opened. 
  • The car key is placed in the glove compartment.

As a fleet owner you always have access to the cars, and can open the cars remotely on request of members. This makes it easy for a call center to serve members.

FerrumBox works with a wide range of vehicle models – including EVs. It is made specifical to be used with LetsGo Carshare System, our booking system that contains a wide variety of functions for user- and fleet-management, fleet statistics and accounting.
LetsGo Carsharing System and the FerrumBox operates in all of LetsGos car fleets in 9 cities in Denmark and is used by Europcar, Munksøgård carshaing club, Køge carsharing club and the municipalities of Køge, Svendborg, Thisted and Hedensted. 




For more information contact Michael Regius: mr@letsgo.dk