LetsGo was founded in 2007, as a fusion between the carsharing organizations in the two biggest cities in Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus. Today we are the biggest carsharing operator in Denmark, with growing representation in all of Denmark. We service households and companies, and also handle pooled car fleets for several municipalities, hospitals and companies.

In 2009 LetsGo started developing LetsGo Carshare System with an internal staff of developers. The aim was to build a system that combined the best features from existing carshare systems.

In 2012 we connected the FerrumBox to our cars and since then have had the box installed in all of our cars.

In 2013 the first customer started using LetsGo Carshare System combined with FerrumBox.

In 2015 we lauch integration of LetsGo Carshare System with other hardware.

LetsGo is owned by a foundation. The foundations main goal is to develop car sharing and sustainable transportation.


Contact us with your specifications at mr@letsgo.dk or call Michael Regius at: + 45 25 59 63 00.