How can I get to use a LetsGo car?
You need to be a member to use our cars. Click the “Sign up”-button and apply for membership. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with information about how to book the cars.

Do I need to apply online?
No, you can also stop by our office on Nørre Farimagsgade 11, st. th., 1364 Copenhagen K and borrow a computer.

What is included in a membership?
A membership gives you access to book LetsGo’s cars and drive them. Members in Copenhagen also have access and the right to vote for the yearly, local General Assembly at Københavns Delebiler, who chooses two members to be in the LetsGo management board.

Who can become a member?
Everyone above the age of 23 with a valid driver’s license. You cannot be registered as a defaulter.

Are there different kinds of memberships?
LetsGo has three types of memberships. You can see the prices under the different types of memberships here.

Do you provide special offers for families?
Yes, as long as you live on the same address. You can find the description of additional members under general information in the membership tab.

What is an additional member?
An additional member shares a membership with an already existing member for a cheaper price (see membership and prices). You must have the same address. Your payment will be joint.

What is a guest member?
A guest member is an extra driver, who can also be behind the wheel on longer trips. The member that the guest member is registered with must be present while driving. A guest membership can be made a week at a time for a maximum of four weeks.

How long does it take to become a member?
It can be done in a couple of days: When we have received your application and payment, we will either send you all the needed information or we will ask you to stop by the office.

Can I drive the same day that I apply for membership?
When your application is approved, you can book a car. You can only drive, when you have signed your registration and you have received you key-chip.

Can non-members drive the cars?

Can a member drive a car that is booked by another member?
Yes. As long as you agree about the conditions. The payment will be sent to the one who booked the car.

Do you provide special prices for businesses?
Yes. Please reference the business memberships.

Can I become a passive member, if I don’t need a car for a certain period?
If you don’t need a car for at least six months, then you can become a passive member. After a minimum of six months as a passive member, you can become an active, driving member after submitting a written inquiry to LetsGo. You can be a passive member for as long as you wish.
A passive membership is free.


What does it cost to drive the cars?
You pay for the time you have booked the car as well as a kilometre price for every driven kilometre. Please see membership and prices.

What do I pay for?
You pay subscription and insurance once a month. When you have driven a car, you pay for the amount of time you had the car booked and a kilometre price for every driven kilometre. The kilometre price includes any expenses with fuel, washing, oil, washer fluid etc. Please see membership and prices.

Is driving included in the subscription?
No, you pay for both the time, you have the car booked and the kilometres, you drive (see membership and prices).

How do I pay?
The payment is done automatically from the registered card.

What does it cost to cancel a booking?
If you cancel at least three days before the booking, the cancellation is free. It is also free if you cancel a booking before within the first hour after booking.
Otherwise, if you want to cancel a booking with less than a three days’ notice, you will have to pay 30% of the trip’s price.

Is there an excess for damages?
You pay for an excess insurance, which covers the damage. Our Tesla electric car does have an excess on 5.000 kr.

Who pays for fuel/gasoline?
You need to pay for the kilometre you drive, but when you have to fill the tank, you can use the car’s fuel card.

Who pays for the electricity for the electric cars?
15 % of our cars are electric cars. When the electric cars are plugged in to their usual charging stations or public charging stations from E.ON or CLEVER, the price is included in the kilometre price. If you charge the car at home, you are responsible for the electricity payments.


Is LetsGo difficult to use?
No. It is actually quite easy to use. You book a car online, pick it up and return it after use to its usual parking spot. In Copenhagen and Aarhus there isn’t far between the cars, no matter where in the city you are.

Can I be certain to get a car when I need one?
On weekdays it is almost always possible to book a car without warning. In the weekends we recommend planning a few weeks in advance. If all the cars are occupied, we guarantee a car if you contact us three weekdays before. Contact us for further information.

Can I be certain to get a car during the holidays and vacations?
LetsGo makes sure to put extra cars in during the holidays and vacation periods. For members in the Copenhagen and Aarhus area there is a car guarantee, ensuring that you will always be able to get a car within three weekdays. This guarantee does not apply for Christmas. You can contact us for more information.

Do I need to go far to pick up a car?
Most likely not. In Copenhagen and Aarhus there isn’t far between the cars no matter where in the city you are. See the map over the placement of the cars here.

Will I have to pay for the damages that others have caused to the car?
No. If you or another member damages the car, it will be covered by the insurance, which is included in your monthly subscription.

What does the insurance cover?
The insurance covers liability and damages. If you fill the tank with the wrong fuel or other “dumb mistakes”, the insurance will not cover.

What if I get in an accident? Do I have to pay?
No. The insurance covers liability and damages.

What type of cars do you provide?
We provide everything from smaller city cars to a 9-person cars, electric cars and box vans.

Are the cars new?
Yes. Our cars are almost always under three years old – and most times under a year.

Where are the cars placed?
The cars are placed at their regular parking spots in the city. See the map for exact locations.

Do you only have access to certain cars?
No, as a member you have access to and can drive all of our cars.

Can I be certain that the car I booked, is there, when I need it?
Yes. Although it could happen that another member is late to return the car, it is rare. Call us immediately, if the car isn’t there, and we will find a solution. If a car needs maintenance, we will provide another car.

What do I do, if the car is damaged?
Note it on the car’s damage report. If it is a more significant damage, call us. If the damage compromises the safety and legality of the car, call the emergency phone as quick as possible, so we can also help the members, who need the car after you. You always have to fill out a damage report, which needs to be with us within three days. The damage report is placed in the glove compartment in the red folder. You can order a new one at the office, if it has already been used.

What equipment is available in the cars?
A lot of the cars have a tow hitch, a bicycle rack for two bikes and a lightboard. When you book a car, you can choose if you want a car with the extra equipment by choosing a car with the x-ending (for example Combi-X). The X stands for extra equipment.

What do I do, if the car breaks down?
We have an agreement with road service companies, who can help you. Call us for more info.

Can you smoke in the cars?
No. Not out the window either.

Who cleans the cars?
Whoever made the car dirty has to clean it. Our LetsGo service team try to clean and check up on all the cars once a month.

Can I use the shared cars for international travelling?
Yes. You can drive in the European countries, with only a few exceptions. You can only drive in the following countries if you accept the obligatory excess:

UK, Ireland: Excess on 10.000 kr. by damages.

Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary: Excess on 20.000 kr. by theft.

Cyprus, Malta: Excess on 20.000 kr. by damages and theft.

Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia: Excess on 40.000 kr. by damages and theft.

Contact us if you are interested in an agreement about driving in the previous countries.

In the following countries you are NOT allowed to drive: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Rumania, Russia (including Kaliningrad), Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

You can see a thorough table here.

Is there a tow hitch on all the cars?
Most of the Combi-X and 7-people cars have a tow hitch, bicycle rack and lightboard. All box vans have a tow hitch, but not a bicycle rack nor a lightboard. The lightboard is a board with the license plate and back lights, which is placed behind the bikes. Cars with a tow hitch, a bicycle rack and a lightboard is marked with an X (for extra equipment), for example Combi-X.

Are there baby seats in the cars?
No, but there is an isofix settings in most of the cars, so you can easily mount your own baby seat.

Are there roof racks on the cars?
No, but you are allowed to mount one, if you make sure, that the car does not take damage. We would recommend that you rent a trailer instead as many of the cars have a tow hitch. It can be dangerous to move the centre of gravity too far up.

Do the cars have winter tyres in the winter?
The cars drive with winter tyres or all-year-round tyres in the winter. There is no extra cost associated with driving a car with winter tyres.

How do I get a key for the cars?
You will know when you become a member.

Do I have access to cars in other car sharing organisations?
Yes, you have access to all cars in LetsGo, no matter what part of the country you are in.

Can I rent a trailer at LetsGo?
No, but they can be rented at larger gas stations.

What is the rules for parking?

All cars have a parking license in both the Copenhagen Municipality and the Frederiksberg Municipality. The shared cars park for free in the blue, green and yellow zones. In the red zone you can only park for free between 08.00 – 10.00 and after 17.00 Monday through Friday. You can see the parking rules for the Copenhagen Municipality here.

The parking license is not applicable on privately owned parking spaces like Carpark, Europark etc. You need to buy a parking ticket there.

What happens when I get a parking ticket or another ticket?
You have to pay that yourself.


What happens if the previous member didn’t return the car on time?
Please call us immediately, then we will find a solution.

What happens, if I return the car too late?
Technically, you can’t do that. Always book some extra time, when you book a car, just in case. If you need more time, you can extend your booking. If that isn’t possible, then you have to return the car at the time you booked it for originally. If you cannot make it back in time, call us. If you haven’t called us and we’ve agreed upon a solution, a fee will occur as you have returned the car too late (please reference our list of fees).

What do I do, if the car isn’t cleaned when I pick it up?
Send a text to the emergency phone. If you have the opportunity to clean it, it would be of great help. It is free to do as you can pay with the car’s fuel card.

Do I need to clean the car?
If you made it dirty, then yes. It is free to clean it, just pay with the car’s fuel card.

Can I bring my pet in the car?
Yes, but only if it is in a designated transport cage and you clean the car thoroughly afterwards.

What do I do, if another car is on the car’s regular parking space, when I need to return it?
Park the car as close to the regular space as possible. If it is placed out of sight from the regular parking space, then the next user of the car will automatically be notified.

What am I not allowed to use the car for?
You cannot use the cars to transport people, goods or cargo against payment, no matter if it is directly or indirectly paid.
You cannot use the cars to tow other vehicles. Approved trailers that comply with weight and dimensions can be towed.
You cannot use the cars for entrepreneur driving.
Driving with goods or foods that cause odours or unusual wear and tear, is also prohibited.

What if my driver’s license gets a penalty point (Danish: klip i kørekortet)?
You need to inform LetsGo about every withdrawal or limitation of your driver’s license.

Can LetsGo assign me fines?
No, but you can be assigned a fee if you violate the rules (please reference the list of fees).

Can I be thrown out of LetsGo?
If you seriously violate the rules, it can happen, yes – please see the articles of association and membership terms under your local department.


When I need a car, will there always be one available?
In the weekdays it is almost always possible to book a car without warning.
In weekends we recommend booking a car a few weeks in advance.
If all cars are occupied, LetsGo can guarantee you a car if you contact us three weekdays in advance. Contact us for further details.

Are there enough cars for everyone during busy periods?
LetsGo provides extra cars during the busy periods.
For members in Copenhagen and Aarhus we have a guarantee that makes sure you can always get a car if you contact us three weekdays in advance. The guarantee does not apply during Christmas. Contact us for further details.
LetsGo members can also rent a car through Europcar at an advantageous price for 1 to 4 weeks.

What is the shortest amount of time, I can book a car?
You need to book the car for an hour at least.

How far in advance can I book the cars?
A year in advance.

Can I book hour to hour?
Yes. You can book a car right before you need it.

Do I need to return the car the same place I picked it up?
Yes, unless something else has been agreed upon. If we are reshuffling the cars, it might be possible to return the car a different place.

Do you need a car for one to four weeks?
Then you can rent a car through Europcar. You will get a discount between 5 and 30 % compared to other car rental prices, but the price depends on the type of car.
It is not possible to rent an electric car.
Your LetsGo insurance will also cover when you rent a Europcar.


Is LetsGo a car sharing service?
Yes. There are many car sharing services in the world. LetsGo is the biggest Danish car sharing service that only works under non-profit terms. This means that we are not making money on you – our goal is to decrease the car congestion and improve our environment.

What can I do to get more members?
Tell your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about our service. You can contact us if you need help spreading the message.

How often will new cars arrive?
We adjust continuously according to the need and demand for new cars. Usually new cars arrive before Easter and the summer holidays.

How many employees administrate the car sharing service?
We have about 10 full time employees as well as quite a few student assistants and part time employees.