How do I join?
Click here to register. Once you have paid for your registration, we’ll send you all the necessary information.

Do I need to apply online?
No, you can also come by our office and fill out a form.

What does a membership cover?
Membership gives you access to reserve a car and drive it. Members living in Copenhagen and Aarhus also have access to voting at the annual local general meeting.

Who can become a member?
Anyone from 23 years old with a valid drivers license. You must not be registered as having bad credit.

Are there different types of membership?
The first member in a household pays full price. Subsequent members of the same household can be added at a reduced price.

Are there special memberships for family members?
Yes, as long as they live at the same address as you.

What is an additional member?
Additional members share a membership with an ordinary member at a lower price (see price list for each membership). You must have the same address. You will receive joint bills.

What is a guest member?
A guest member is an extra driver, who can share the driving on a long trip. You must be present in the car yourself. A guest membership can be taken out for one week at a time, for a total of up to four weeks at a time.

How long does it take to become a member?
It can take a couple of days. When we have received your enrollment and payment, we will send everything you need to you immediately by email, or we might ask you to come by the office.

Can I drive the same day I enroll?
When you have signed your enrollment and we have a copy of your drivers’ license, you can reserve a car and take your first trip.

Are non-members allowed drive the cars?

Can a member drive a car that has been reserved by another member?
Yes, if you agree to do so. The bill will be sent to the member, who has reserved the car.

Do you have special prices for business members?
Yes, see under business membership.

Do I get my registration fee back if I decide that I no longer want to be a member?
You have the right to change your mind within the first 14 days. If you have not used the cars, you can get your registration fee back.

Can I be a passive member during a period when I won’t need the car?
Yes, you can be a passive member. After six months passive membership, you can re-activate your membership from day to day.


What does it cost to drive a car?
You pay for the time reserved as well as the kilometers driven. See prices for each membership.

What do I pay for?
You pay an enrollment fee to become part of LetsGo, as well as a monthly membership fee. When you drive in a LetsGo car, you pay for the time you reserve the car plus a kilometer price for each kilometer driven. The kilometer price includes fuel expenses, car wash, oil, windshield wiper fluid, etc. See prices.

Is driving included in the membership fee?
No, you pay separately for the time you have reserved the car and the kilometers you drive (see price list).

How do I pay?
Online with Dankort or another card. Some cards require an additional fee. 

What does it cost to cancel a reservation?
You can cancel a reservation within an hour free of charge.
Up until 72 hours before the start of your reservation, cancellation is free. After that it costs 30% of the price of the time reserved.

Is there a deductible for damages?
You pay for excess insurance monthly and therefore do not have to pay anything further, but you must promtly report any eventual damage.

Who pays for the gasoline/diesel?
The gasoline/diesel is included in the kilometer price, so you don’t need to pay at the gas pump. Just use the car’s fuel card – and make sure you use the correct fuel!

Who pays for the electricity of the electric cars?
When an electric car is charged at an official charging station, the price of the electricity is included in the kilometer price. If you charge the car at home, you pay for the electricity yourself.


Are they difficult to use?
No. Actually, it’s very easy. You reserve the car on our website, pick it up, and drop it off in the same place. In Copenhagen and Aarhus you will usually not be far from the nearest car, no matter where you are situated.

Can I be certain to get a car when I need one?
On weekdays it’s almost always possible to reserve a car immediately. If you want to drive during the weekend, it’s a good idea to reserve the car a couple of weeks in advance. Should all our cars be booked, LetsGo guarantee that a car will be available if we are given three weekdays notice. Contact us for details.

Can I be certain to get a car during busy periods and vacations?
LetsGo has extra cars during vacation season. For members living in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Greve, there is a guarantee that a car will always be available with three weekdays notice. This guarantee is not valid during the Christmas season. Contact us for further details.

Do I need to go a long way to pick up a car?
Probably not. In Copenhagen and Aarhus you will usually not be far from the nearest car, no matter where you are in the city. See a map of where the cars are placed here.

Will I have to pay for damages that others do to the shared car?
No. If you or another person damages the car, it is covered by the insurance added to your monthly membership fee.

What does the insurance cover?
It covers liability and damages. It does not cover filling with the wrong fuel or other ‘dumb mistakes'.

Will I be on the hook if an accident is my fault?
No. The insurance covers liability and damages.

What type of cars do you have?
We have everything from small city cars to 7-passenger cars, electric cars and vans.

Are they new cars?
Yes, our cars are almost always less than four years old – often less than one year old.

Where are the cars parked?
The cars have set parking speces around the city. See the map.

Do I only have access to certain cars?
No, all our members have access to all our cars.

Can I be certain that the car I have reserved is there when I need it?
Occasionally one of the other members can deliver a car too late, but that rarely happens. Call us immediately, and we will find a solution. If a car has tobe repaired, we’ll find a new one for you.  

What do I do if the car is damaged?
Write it on the car’s damage report, which is in the glove compartment. Call us if there is major damage and fill out an incident report.

What equipment do the cars have?
Many cars have a trailer hook with a bike rack for two bicycles and a ‘lightboard’ with extra license plates and tail lights. When you reserve a car, you can choose whether or not you would like a car with extra equipment.

What do I do if the car breaks down?
We have agreements with roadside assistance companies that can help you. Call us for more information.

May I smoke in the cars?
No. Not even out the window.

Who cleans the cars?
You. You are supposed to leave the car as clean as you received it. In addition, all cars are cleaned and thoroughly checked once a month.

May I drive outside Denmark in the car?
Yes, you may drive in most countries in Europe – with a few exceptions. In the following countries, you may only drive if you accept an obligatory deductible insurance:

UK, Ireland: Excess insurance 10,000 DKK per incident

Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary: Excess insurance 20,000 DKK if the car gets stolen.

Cyprus, Malta: Excess insurance 20,000 DKK if the car gets stolen or damaged.

Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia: Excess insurance 40,000 DKK if the car gets stolen or damaged.

Contact us if you would like to take out insurance before driving in these countries.

You may NOT drive in these countries: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Rumania, Russia (including Kalingrad), Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Is there a trailer hook on the cars?
Many of the cars of type Combi or 7-passenger have trailer hooks with cycle racks and a ‘light arm'. A light arm is a board with a license plate and taillights, which are supposed to be hung outside the bicycle.

Are there child seats in the cars?
No, but there is an ISOFIX attachment point in most cars, so it’s easy to install child seats.

Is there a luggage rack on the cars?
No, but you can mount one if you make sure not to damage the car. We recommend that you rent a trailer instead – many of the cars have trailer hooks – because it is dangerous to move the center of gravity too high.

Do the cars have snow tires in the winter?
The cars are fitted with snow tires or all year tires during the winter. It does not cost extra to drive with snow tires.

How do I get a key for a car?
You’ll find out when you sign up.

Do I have access to cars from other car sharing places?
Yes, you have access to all the LetsGo cars around Denmark.

Do you offer trailer rental?
No, but they can be rented at most gas stations.

What are the rules for parking?
Copenhagen: All cars have parking licenses in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg counties. Shared cars can park free in the blue, green and yellow zones. In the red zones you can park for free between 8am-10am and after 5pm Monday to Friday. See Copenhagen County’s parking rules. The parking license does not cover parking places run by private companies such as Carpark, Europark, etc. For these lots, you must pay for a parking.

What happens if I get a parking ticket or another fine?
You pay it yourself.


What if the previous user does not deliver a car on time?
Call us immediately, and we will find a solution.

What happens if I deliver a car too late?
You should do anything possible to avoid this. Plan to have extra time when you make a reservation. If you end up needing more time anyway, you can try to extend your reservation. If that’s not possible, you must return the car at the very latest by the runout of your reserved time. If that is absolutely impossible, call us. Unless you have agreed on something else, late return will result in a fee (see price list for fees).

What should I do if the car hasn’t been cleaned when I pick it up? 
Write it in the drivers’ log. If you have the opportunity to clean the car, it will be a big help.

Should I wash the car?
Yes, if necessary. You must return it as clean as you received it. And it’s free – pay with the car’s fuel card.

May I bring pets in the shared car?
Yes, but only if they are in a transport box designed for that purpose. And you must thoroughly clean the car afterwards.

What should I do if another car is parked in the car’s parking lot when it’s time for me to return the car?
Park the car as close to its parking space as possible. If it is not visible from the LetsGo parking space, the next user of the car will automatically be notified by SMS.

Is there anything I may not use the car for?
You may not use the cars for passenger or goods transport in return for payment, either directly or indirectly. You may not use the car to pull or drag another vehicle. Approved trailers within weight restrictions can be used. You may not use the cars for construction work, or drive with goods or food that will create unpleasant smell or extraordinary wear on the vehicle.

What if I get a clip on my driver’s license?
You must inform LetsGo about any withdrawal or restriction of your drivers’ license.

Can I be fined by LetsGo?
No, but you may have to pay a fee if you break the rules – see price list for fees.

Can I be thrown out of LetsGo?
Only in extreme circumstances, if you grossly violate the rules.


Is there always a car available if I need it?
On weekdays it’s almost always possible to reserve a car immediately. If you want to drive during the weekend, it’s a good idea to reserve the car a couple of weeks in advance. Should all our cars be booked, LetsGo guarantees that it will make a car available if you give us three weekdays’ notice. Contact us for details.

Are there enough cars for all the vacation periods?
LetsGo has extra cars during vacation season. For members living in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Greve, there is a guarantee that a car will always be available within three weekdays’ notice. This guarantee is not valid during the Christmas season. Contact us for further details.

What is the shortest time I can reserve a car?
The shortest amount is one hour – defined as a whole hour on the clock, such as from 3pm to 4pm. If you need the car from, say, 3:30pm until 4:30 pm, you need to reserve it from 3pm until 5pm.

How long in advance can I reserve a car?
Up to one year.

Can I reserve from hour to hour?

Should the car be delivered in the same place I picked it up?
Yes, unless you have agreed to something different. Sometimes, when we are moving cars around, we can discuss dropping off a car in a different place.


What is a shared car?
A shared car is one car among many that you have access to, when you join LetsGo. You don’t need to have your own car. We have the cars. All you need is a driver’s license. As a member of LetsGo you have access to all the cars we have around Denmark. You can use LetsGo's cars in the city where you live, or you can take the train to the other end of the country and continue your trip with a LetsGo car from there. You just have to deliver the car in the same condition you picked it up in.

Is LetsGo a car sharing service?
Yes. There are many car-sharing services around the world. LetsGo is the largest Danish car sharing organization working on a purely nonprofit basis. That means we’re not profitting from you – we are working to bring down traffic and improve the environment.

What can I do to bring in new members?
Tell your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about car sharing. Contact us if you need help to spread the good news.

How often are there new cars?
We are always assessing the demand, so there are usually new cars right before Easter and Summer vacation.

How many people are employed by the car sharing service?
We are about 10 employees and a large group of volunteers.