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Cookie Policy

When you visit letsgo.dk, there is stored a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is stored to enhance the use of the website. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread any viruses or other harmful programmes.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to increase the functionality for our visitors and make visitor statistics. We do not use cookies on pages, where the members are logged in to the system.

Google Analytics

Letsgo.dk uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure the traffic on the website. You can deselect cookies from Google Analytics.

Blocking cookies

You can always deny the use of cookies on your computer by choose the relevant setting in your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.). If you do not want to receive cookies from letsgo.dk, you can choose advanced cookie settings (under internet settings) and add letsgo.dk to the list of websites, you want to block cookies from. Here you are also able to delete individual cookies or all the cookies, your browser has stored. When you visit LetsGo’s website without having denied or deleted cookies, you have accepted them and the use hereof.