Subscription and prices

To drive a company car with LetsGo, you must be a member and we have a copy of your driving license so you are covered by our insurance. In addition, you must have a CVR number.

You are asked to pay a security deposit of 3.500 DKK excluding VAT when signing up for LetsGo Business.

Payment for use of cars is calculated by hours used and kilometers driven. Fuel, parking, winter tires, service and 24/7 telephone service are included in this price.


3 types of subscriptions

LetsGo has three types of subscriptions that are customized, according to how often you use a car and how far you are driving.

One subscription covers a whole company. An additional amount is payable per employee who is attached to the subscription. Prices are shown under each type of subscription.


Business Flex - Flexible Car Needs:

If your company rarely needs a car then you can start with this subscription. The subscription costs 0 DKK. And you only pay for insurance 40 DKK *.

See prices here.

Business standard - You need a company car sometimes:

If the company needs a car a few times a month, this subscription is worth while. The subscription costs 176 DKK per month and 40 DKK for insurance *.

See prices here.

Business plus - If you use company cars often:

If you are considering purchasing your own company car then this subscription will fit your needs. The subscription costs 336 DKK per month and 56  DKK for insurance *.

See prices here.



If you have questions, please contact Business Manager Michael Regius at or call +45 25 59 63 00

* all prices are excl. VAT