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LetsGo offers three types of memberships, that are customised to how often you use a car and how far you drive.


For companies that want access to cars but only need to drive once in a while. A good place to start if you want to try out a sustainable business solution.




For companies that need cars a couple of times a month and want more employees affiliated. Standard gives you a cheaper hour and kilometres price.




For companies that use car often and love to save. Share the membership with all your employees and enjoy the low hourly rate on all car types as well as the low prices on the long trips.



Here you can compare the different types of membership prices



Monthly fee

Monthly insurance fee

Additional member

Free nights 8pm-6am

Km price < 100 km

Km price > 100 km

Booking fee


3500 kr.

950 kr.

950 kr.

0 kr.

0 kr.

220 kr.

40 kr.

50 kr.

50 kr.

40 kr.

50 kr.

80 kr.




From 2,28 kr.

From 2,85 kr.

From 2,75 kr.

From 2,28 kr.

From 2,85 kr.

From 1,35 kr.

16 kr.

20 kr.

10 kr.

Price calculator

The price calculator is currently defect. We reserve the rights to charge the correct prizes.
If you are going on a trip in the near future, you can here calculate what the price will be.

Type Price Subtotal
Car, daily hours 0 x 0 kr 0 kr
Car, nightly hours 0 x 0 kr 0 kr
First 100 km 0 x 0 kr 0 kr
Over 100 km 0 x 0 kr 0 kr
Booking fee 1 x 0 kr 0 kr

All prices excluding VAT

Your total price

0 kr


You are in good hands

All LetsGo members have a fixed low insurance included in the membership. There is no high deductible. This means you can use our cars as much as you want, without any extra costs.

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