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How it works

How it works

Get easy acces to a car as a LetsGo member


Use the app to find and reserve the car you want

Pick up

The car have its own reserved parking spot where it is ready for use


Unlock the car with your personal key tag and off you go


You book the cars through the reservation system online.You can book spontaneously or far into the future. You can book the cars for as long as you want, but one hour minimum. During your trip you can easily shorten the reservation or lengthen it, if the car is available. 

You choose the date, type of car and your prefered location. If there are no available cars at your chosen location, the best alternatives will automatically appear. 

You get fuel, recharging at charging stations, parking, car service, insurance and 24/7 emergency phone service.

The insurance covers you completely and there is no additional excess if damage happens to your or someone else’s car. However, the insurance does not cover fueling with the wrong type of fuel.

In addition to the reserved parking spaces, all the cars have a parking license so you can park for free at all public parking spaces in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg (except in Red Zone). Here you pay for regular parking in the daytime, and you can park for free between 8-10 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

Aarhus og Odense
The cars’ parking license provides free parking at civic parking spaces in all resident parking zones of the local areas (except city center).

Private parking spaces
The parking license does not cover payment at private parking spaces or in private car parks.

All the cars have fixed reserved parking spaces. This means you pick up the car and return it at the same parking space and that you avoid wasting time looking for vacant parking spaces.

All the cars have a fuel card you can use to refuel. The card can be used at Circle K, Statoil, Ingo and 1-2-3 in Scandinavia. In the rest of Europe the card can be used at Agip, Eni, Aral, BP and OMV.

We have 9 different types of cars – from mini cars to mini buses, including vans, station cars, electric and hybrid cars.

There is no zone restriction and you can drive wherever you want in the country. You can also drive abroad, see the terms here:

Countries you can drive to: 

  • Belgium
  • Cyprus (Excess: 20,000 kr. for damage or theft)
  • Estonia* (Excess: 40,000 kr. for damage or theft​)
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece* (Excess: 40,000 kr. for damage or theft)
  • Holland
  • Ireland* (Excess: 10,000 kr. for damage)
  • Italy
  • Croatia* (Excess: 20,000 kr. for theft)
  • Latvia*  (Excess: 40,000 kr. for damage or theft​)
  • Lithuania*  (Excess: 40,000 kr. for damage or theft​)
  • Norway (Tolls are not included – see AutoPass)
  • Polen* (Excess: 20,000 kr. for theft)
  • Schwitzerland
  • Slovakia* (Excess: 40,000 kr. for damage or theft)
  • Slovenia* (Excess: 20,000 kr. for theft)
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Czechia* (Excess: 20,000 kr. for theft)
  • Germany (Environmental task in certain cities)
  • UK* (Excess: 10,000 kr. for damage)
  • Hungary* (Excess: 20,000 kr. for theft)
  • Austria

* = Permission from LetsGo is required

Countries you can’t drive to:

Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, White Russia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Try our price calculator and know the price of your trip in advance. Choose the membership you wish to see the price of.

Which membership is best for my business? 

LetsGo offers three kinds of memberships, according to your transportation needs.

See more here.

The more you pay for the membership, the less you pay for the use of the cars.


Are you still unsure which membership is best for your business?

Contact Business Director Michael Regius at:

Telephone 25 59 63 00 or erhverv@letsgo.dk

You are paying for your monthly membership and insurance. Your membership affects how much you pay for the amount of kilometres and hours you use the car.

This includes fuel, recharging at charging stations, parking, car service and 24/7 emergency phone service.

What’s the price of driving LetsGo cars?
The price depends on:

  1. Your membership’s hour and kilometre price
  2. The chosen car type

See more here.

When you register your business, a deposit of 3,500 kr. ex. VAT will be charged from the added payment card.

The deposit is completely refundable, as long as there is  no outstanding debt on the account.

Do I need to add a payment card to register?

Can I change the method of payment afterwards?
Yes, contact  erhverv@letsgo.dk.

Can I use the cars privately?
If you need a car for private matters, you and your employees can add a private membership with a discount.

Save 124 kr. on Private Standard (Normal price 270 kr./month – Discount price 146 kr./month.)

Save 100 kr. on Private Plus (Normal price 490 kr./month – Discount price 390 kr./month.)Contact letsgo@letsgo.dk after registration and add a private membership with discount.

The first one to register will automatically be the account administrator. This can always be changed afterwards. The account administrator has the full overview of the bookings, invoices and can easily add more colleagues to the account.

Can I be the account administrator without a driver’s license? 


Can my colleagues also use the cars? 

Yes, the account administrator can easily add more employees as additional members. The price for additional members depends on the membership.

Do you expect to be more than 5 drivers?
If you have more than 5 employees that need access to the LetsGo cars, please note this when registrering.

Can departments get charged differently?

Contact Michael Regius at 25 59 63 00 or erhverv@letsgo.dk

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