Which subscription is the best fit for my firm?
That depends on your car needs. LetsGo offers three different subscriptions, which you can reads more about here.
The more you pay for the subscription, the cheaper it will become to use the cars.

Are you still in doubt about which subscription is the best fit?
Then please contact our business manager on phone 25 59 63 00 or write an e-mail to mr@letsgo.dk

Can I use the cars privately as well?
If you need a car for private affairs, you can connect a private membership to your business agreement.
Please write letsgo@letsgo.dk after the enrolment to connect a private membership.

What does it cost to drive in LetsGo’s cars?
The price for using the LetsGo cars depends on two elements.

  1. Your subscriptions hourly and kilometre price.
  2. The chosen type of car.

The three LetsGo subscriptions determine the price for using the cars. The price is calculated by the hour and by every driven kilometre. The price also varies depending on the type of car, you choose to drive.
Click here  and choose a subscription to see specific prices.

Do I need to add a payment card to sign up?
Yes, you need to add a payment card to complete the sign up.
It is possible to change payment method after signing up if you contact LetsGo on letsgo@letsgo.dk.

How will I be invoiced?
Through your subscription, as well as the driving done, and hours spent on each individual trip. It will be withdrawn through the registered payment card.

How do I change to a different payment method?
If you prefer a different payment method, you can either write an e-mail to letsgo@letsgo.dk or call Michael Regius on 25 59 63 00 for a special payment agreement.

What am I paying for?
You are paying for a monthly subscription and insurance. Your chosen subscription determines how much you pay per hour you have booked the car and per driven kilometre.
The price includes fuel, washing, oil and washer fluid.
For electric cars the price also includes charging the battery if this is done by the charging stations from E.ON or CLEVER.
Your LetsGo-insurance covers the liability and damages. It does not cover if you fill the tank with the wrong kind of fuel and other similar instances.

Does it cost anything to cancel a booking?
If you cancel at least three days before the booking, the cancellation is free. It is also free if you cancel a booking within the first hour after booking.
Outside of these criteria the price for cancellations is 30 % of the hourly price.


Can I be the account administrator for the business without a driver’s license?
Yes, it is possible to be an account administrator without a driver’s license. Please call 35 35 14 11.

How many account administrators can you be on one account?
It is only possible to have one account administrator per LetsGo-account.
If you have more than one department, who each need a separate account, then please contact Michael Regius on 25 59 63 00 or through mail on mr@letsgo.dk.

Can my employees also use the cars?
That requires them to be added to your account. This is done by the account administrator. You will receive an e-mail about how to do this when you sign up.

Do you expect more than five employees on your account?
If you have more than 5 employees that needs access to LetsGo’s cars, then please call Michael Regius on 25 59 63 00.


How do I book a car?
You book through our online booking system. You choose where, you want to pick up the car, what type of car you prefer, as well as the time you want to book the car. Afterwards you can pick up the car on the chosen address.
You only need to remember to return the car to its regular parking space before your booking ends. Therefore, we recommend booking the car for more than you need.

Can I be sure to always get a car?
On weekdays it is mostly possible to book a car without warning. In the weekends it is a good idea to book a car a few weeks in advance.
If all cars are occupied and you need the car in three days, then we can guarantee you one, if you contact us for further details.

How long do I need to book a car for?
The minimum you can rent a car for is an hour.

Do I need to return the car to the same place as the pick up when my booking ends?
Yes. That is how our service works. It insures that the next member knows, where the car can be picked up.


Who cleans the cars, and can I smoke in them?
Whoever made the car dirty must clean it. You can use the cars fuel card to buy a vacuuming token and a carwash – LetsGo pays the bill.
Our service team try to clean and check up on all the cars once a month.
Our cars are non-smoking cars, which means strictly no smoking in the car. Not out the window either.

Do the cars have any extra equipment?
The Combi-X and 7-person cars have a tow hitch, bicycle rack and lightboard.
All box vans have a tow hitch, but no bicycle rack nor lightboard.
Cars marked with an X for extra equipment, have a tow hitch, bicycle rack and a lightboard.
None of our cars have baby seats or roof racks. Baby seats can easily be used in the cars, as many of them have an isofix setting. Roof racks may be mounted if you don’t damage the cars.
All cars will be provided with winter tyres during the winter season.

Who can use the cars?
Only registered members can use the cars.

What can I not use the cars for?
You cannot use the cars to transport people, goods or cargo against payment, no matter if it is directly or indirectly paid.
You cannot use the cars for entrepreneur driving, or transport goods or food that cause odours or unusual wear and tear.


What if the car already has damages, when I pick it up?
If you pick up a car with damages, then please refer to damage note in the car. This needs to be checked before driving. With new damages a damage report is filled out.

What happens, if I damage the car?
The insurance covers damages made by you or anyone else. The insurance comes with your membership.
Please report the damages to LetsGo through a damage report.
If the car breaks down, then immediately contact the emergency phone.


Our cars in Copenhagen have a parking license. This means you can park for free on all public parking spaces in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipality. The only exception is Red Zone in the Copenhagen city centre, where you must pay the usual parking fee between 10 am and 05 pm on weekdays. Parking is free between 08 am and 10 am and after 05 pm on weekdays as well as in the weekends.

Aarhus and Odense
Our cars in Aarhus and Odense have a parking license, which is valid in the area the car is placed, but not in the city centre.

Private parking spaces
On the private parking spaces or in carparks, which are operated by private parking firms etc., rules must be followed. If there are parking fees, they need to be paid.

Parking tickets
If you get a parking ticket, you must pay it yourself. If LetsGo needs to pay the ticket there will be an additional fee on 200 kr.