LetsGo gives you access to a car when you need it. We have cars in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and 3 other cities.  As a member, you can reserve a car at short notice. Apart from your membership fee, you only pay for the period of time you use the car and for the number of kilometers driven. We take care of the paper work and all the practicalities. All you need to do is concentrating on driving the car.


Membership of LetsGo will relieve your business of the heavy fixed cost of owning or leasing a car. You also avoid expensive bank loans or binding long-term leasing contracts.

You pay up front for your single annual membership fee, which gives you access to all LetsGo's cars. The only other expenses you will be incurred are for the length of time you use the car and for the number of kilometers driven. There are no unforeseen expenses for the repair of any damage incurred, only a fixed small annual sum for your full-cover excess insurance. It will therefore be easy to keep tabs on the expenses, adjust your usage and your requirements.

Payments are transacted automatically via withdrawals from your banking account, and you will receive an invoice for each reservation with an overview of time usage and number of kilometers driven.

There is no minimum level of usage, and there are no parking expenses, when you don't use the car.


You avoid all the paperwork related to fuel bills, mileage allowance, depreciation of company cars, leasing agreements, taxi vouchers, repair and service expenses, depreciable assets, the handling of insurance matters and all the other paperwork relating to owning, renting or leasing a car.


Each time you reserve a car, you choose the type you need. You reserve the exact period of time that suits you, right down to one single hour, and you only pay for the time the car is reserved and the kilometers you drive. There is no minimum level of usage to be paid for, as with traditional car-renting and no parking expenses, when the car is not being used.

It's therefore easy to adjust the capacity to fit the variations in your firm's activities in the course of a week, a season, a year. Should your firm's need for cars increase, then you simply sign up more colleagues in the system, and thereby immediately expand your available car-pool correspondingly. 


Should you run into any problems with the car, you can contact LetsGo's emergency telephone around the clock. We also provide roadside assistance if you have a breakdown.

In addition, you can reserve a car both day and night in our online reservation system – also from your smartphone or tablet.