As a user of LetsGo, you will be playing your part in ensuring a better utilization of our common resources, while at the same time improving your own economy. It is an easy, cheap and environmental friendly alternative of being a private car owner.

LetsGo makes it easy to get a car whenever you need one – and at the same time it helps you avoid unforeseen expenses and high operating costs.

As a member you have unlimited access to all our cars throughout the entire country. We have cars in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Herning, Hedensted, Greve, Thy and the Faroe Islands. There is always a car nearby, whichever part of the town you're in.

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In average, members of LetsGo drive 33% less than drivers of a privately owned car. If you exchange your car for membership of LetsGo, you're not only saving money, you're also a part of creating a better environment. You will be doing your share to liberate urban space and reduce congestion. Surveys show that on average one share-car replaces six privately-owned cars.


LetsGo is a non-profit organisation. We strive first and foremost to provide you with good service and a car when you need one. But we also have an ulterior motive: The more members we have, the fewer the cars will, statistically speaking, be driving on our roads – and the less congestion and CO2 emission will be around.


LetsGo's cars are at most three-four years old. In fact, they are new cars with the highest degree of safety and the latest fuel economy standards, regardless of which type of vehicle you choose to drive.


Your fixed expenses consist of a monthly membership fee and excess insurance. On top of that you only pay for the length of time you use the cars and the number of kilometers you drive. See Membership and prices


A van for a trip to IKEA, a mini if the kids aren't coming along, or an electric car if you feel like trying out the latest of the latest. We have many different types of cars in all sizes and you can choose precisely the car you need.

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