LetsGo gives you access to a car whenever you need it. We have cars in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and 3 other Danish cities. As a member, you can reserve a car at short notice. Besides your membership fee, you only pay for the period of time you use the car and for the number of kilometers driven. We handle all the paper work and all the practicalities.


As a member of LetsGo, you have no reason to fear unpleasant surprises. All expenses in regard to insurance, maintenance and car cleaning are covered by your monthly membership fee and excess insurance. You pay a fixed rate for the period of time you use the car depending on the number of kilometers driven. You can read more about prices here.

All we expect of you is that you clear up any waste after your trip, and that you return the car on time.

So, you only need to concentrate on driving the car.


You can reserve a car at any time around the clock, and you can choose between many different types of vehicles. There is always a car thar suits your needs – and should you make a snap decision to spend your weekend in the summer cottage, you will be guaranteed a car, as long as you make your reservation three weekdays in advance.

LetsGo have many cars placed throughout Copenhagen and Aarhus. You'll usually not be far from the nearest car, wherever you happen to be – and we are constantly in the process of deploying more cars in the street. There's normally no problem getting hold of a car at short notice, but for weekend trips it may be a good idea to plan things a little more in advance.

Car guarantee and vacation cars

Our car guarantee for members living in Copenhagen and Aarhus ensures that you'll always be able to have a car, providing you reserve it at least three weekdays in advance.

During the vacation season, we also deploy extra cars to cover the increased demand.


There's money to be saved if you replace your own car with a membership of LetsGo. According to the Danish Consumer Council TÆNK, owning a car costs 3000-4000 DKK per month. As a user of LetsGo, you share the costs with the other users, and your expenses only depend only on how much you actually drive.

As a member of LetsGo, you don't pay for a car you're not using. Apart from your membership fee, you only pay a fixed price for the time reserved and the number of kilometers driven. In that way, it's easy for you adjust your driving expenses both up and down.

Free parking

You have access to free parking in dedicated parking spaces for shared cars. In the municipalities of Copenhagen (except the Red Zone), Frederiksberg and Aarhus, there is also free parking for LetsGo's cars.


Should you run into problems with the car, contact LetsGo's emergency telephone around the clock.

In addition, you can reserve a car both day and night in our online reservation system – also from your smartphone or tablet.