LetsGo is a car sharing service that gives you access to cars in your area when you need it. We have about 200 cars dispersed in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Svendborg. We have an online reservation system, where the cars can be booked. When you have booked a car, you can pick it up on its regular parking spot, where they also need to be returned to after use.

LetsGo have had shared cars since 2004. We are working to give Danes the possibility of having access to a car in a more sustainable way. Our members contribute to reducing the congestion in the cities, reduce the CO2-outbreak and give Denmark a greener transportation option. Our final goal is to develop a national car sharing system.

LetsGo is non-profit and we are owned by a fund, which means that our potential profits are used to improve our car sharing service and spread it in Denmark.

Members of LetsGo is offered a free membership of the membership organisation Københavns Delebiler. Københavns Delebiler has to representatives in LetsGo’s committee and they arrange different member activities like our wet road and parking courses.